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Alex is a former senior trainer with NYC top fitness clubs such as Equinox & NYSC.  His experience encompasses over 12 years of coaching and fitness related practices.  Alex started Fit Focus in 2008 in order to incorporate his knowledge and specialized abilities into personalized training programs that focus on creative holistic solutions.

Alex is nationally certified in strength training, pre-habilitation, pre/post natal, balance/stability core training, and boxing.  He is a Taoist Practitioner teaching basic "Internal Martial Arts" to cultivate sexual energy for improved libido, endurance, vitality, and anti aging.  ACE certified (American Counsel of Exercise)

Alex sees more than a need for exercise.  He sees a need to teach and promote a full balanced lifestyle, and to be there for his clients as a teacher, mentor, and fitness coach.

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Embracing and living a balanced life is what we believe in.  Our mission is to help people do just that - to live a life which focuses on every aspect of what it means to be fit.

Kick Boxing to Relieve Stress and Improve Speed and Agility

Alexander Galvez

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Advanced Balance and Stability Training

A creative approach to living with a Fit Focus.

Alexander Galvez