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CANCELLATION AND REFUND POLICY - All clients who pay for packages or session/s understand and agree to the conditions of the Fit Focus cancellation policy. Sessions will expire after six months of non-usage of the session package following the last date of prior signed session. There is a 24 hr cancellation/change requirement on all appointments or re-schedules.  We charge the regular rate fee for missed appointments, and 50% for reschedules which occur less than 24 hrs before the scheduled appointment. There is not a charge for a missed appointment or re-schedule in the case of an emergency.  Clients having medical documentation or other emergency conditions will be excused from the cancellation policy.  The sessions will resume when the condition causing the cancellation has passed.

1. Text or call for an appointment at 1 917 992 8237      2. Await confirmation

3. Pay in person or online     4. See you at the gym!